hightstown animal welfare committee 



helping animals and people live in harmony


Our mission is to advocate, protect and educate as it relates to pets and animal welfare. Our goals include teaching responsible pet ownership, helping to control
over population and assisting pet owners during difficult times.


The Hightstown Animal Welfare Committee (AWC) is a local grass-roots organization that serves residents as a resource for pet and animal information and assistance.

Our Main objectives are:

  • Provide a free spay/neuter program to all Borough residents
  • Have an on-going Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) program in Hightstown
    to address feral and stray cats in our community
  • Run educational outreach programs and events
  • Provide cat and dog food to the RISE food pantry

information or questions

Please contact Susan at 609.216.3149 or email

Loving, calm, 12-year old  male kitty. Neutered & up-to-date on shots.

For info call 609.647.2681.